Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let the Christmas shopping begin

I like to get my shopping done before thanksgiving n the last several years I have been unsuccessful at achieving that goal. This year I am hoping to turn that goal back into a reality. Yesterday I seriously began, n put a little dent in it. The biggest problem is in coming up with ideas n I like to get help from my grandkids moms with that. So with today being day 2, I did purchase another gift. Go me!
Along with that thought, since the weather has been so nice I really got a nice jump start on my outdoor decorating, I am thinking the outdoor stuff will be done this weekend. I won't turn my lights on till thanksgiving night. Then it will be time to start decorating indoors.
I usually start cookies the week of Dec. 14th n continue for a week of solid baking. I'll let u know how that works out.
Then it's time to get those presents wrapped n put under the tree. We have a Christmas program in church on Dec. 15th and a Santa's workshop for baskets for the shut ins on the 1st n 8th after Christmas program practice.
Then I plan on sipping hot cider n reading something inspirational for the last few days before Christmas.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Going on Vacation....stop in and see what's up

Rob n Kim have asked me to go along on vacation with them to help out with Sophia. Sounds like a good time they are going to Lake Lure, NC. One day they r planning on going to Biltmoore Gardens, this is a dream come true for me. Well just take a peek at the trip Kim has all planned out. Rob made the accommodations and Kim did the rest.

So this is where we r staying. Looks ok I guess. Nice friendly family atmosphere.Rob said to bring my air mattress, I told Kim I didn't have a sleeping bag and she said that's ok, they will rent me one. Well that sounds like a buggy time to me so I said I would bring my repellent.
Kim says Rob rented us a van, so we would have lots of room I guess. Here's our new ride for the week.

Kim also says there is a pool and she bought us both new bathing suits. Which one is your favorite? She is also hoping the pool is fixed on time for us. I told her that quite alright I don't go swimming anyhow.

This one is Kim's
This one is mine...you know if I could look that good in a bathing suit, I would actually wear this.

Kim also rented us a two hour tour on the lake and here is a picture of our boat.

Kim didn't leave anything out, she even thought of snacks for the trip.
I told her after this hits the Internet she will be so busy planning every one's vacation she won't have time to go this weekend.
Well I'm so sorry you won't all be joining us for our wonderful vacation, maybe next year Kim will plan one for you. Just give her a call she is looking for a job. I did tell Kim that maybe on second thought I really need to stay home and work.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just a little warm r we???


I know that's what everyone is talking about. The Heat! But you know it could be snow, or just a yucky summer. I am going to count my blessings, ever since March we have been able to be outside working in the dirt. This is fantastic. I do agree we could use some rain, some of my perennials are looking a little wilted. I also pray for all of those who have a hard time dealing with the heat and those affected by the fires.
I started my day by helping to put in the hay for the horses, that is always a good feeling to have that done. Then my dear sweet Kara came over and we got the house clean, all before the real heat of the day. Then it was relaxation time for an hour or so. But that got old fast so I went off to Michael's and picked up a few things and took a little detour on the way home to check out some landscaping and some pretty houses. Then came home and worked on a project for church and have been spending the last 3 hours organizing my pictures. Between my i-phone, c drive and my external hard drive , they r now neatly organized and I should easily be able to find what I want when I want it. I wonder if taking 300 + pictures off my i-phone will make a difference on how fast it works. Hmmm....I'm thinking it should help. lol

Tomorrow, first thing is Church, then I am hoping to get some rocks from the creek. I am anxious to get a path out from the garden to the shed. I also want to line the base of my shed with rocks. Clay has offered to help later in the afternoon. It will be fun spending time with him, he's pretty cool. Next week I am hoping to get my last load of mulch and get the rest of the beds lined and looking real pretty. I also have a very busy week coming up with grand kids. Cedric is spending the day and night Tuesday and his mom will pick him up on Wednesday after she gets back from taking Sydni and the girl scouts camping. On Thursday I will have Sydni and Cedric while Jill is working. Then on Friday I am headed down for some precious time with Sophia for the weekend. I will be back home early Sunday afternoon, just in time for our VBS to start.
Laitris and purple bee balm

another pretty coneflower opened up

Here are a few more of my flowers that are blooming this week. I still have one more coneflower to open up and it will be a sweet surprise to see what color it is.
take care and grow, grow, grow

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Love Flowers

Rock Cress
I am so very thankful to God for these marvelous creations He has given us to enjoy. The beauty is astounding. To be able to have the dirt, the rain, the sunshine and the able body to grow some of these beautiful wonders is such a blessing. Each day I take time to enjoy my garden, just to sit and look at the blooms and listen to the birds is time spent well. As I post pictures of some of my flowers, its not in boasting but in sharing.All the glory goes to our creator.  I also like to see how others display their God given talent of gardening, it is an inspiration to me. So I am hoping maybe in sharing, you might see a flower you like that would just fill that perfect spot in your garden.
My day lilies are all blooming right now and I just love all the color combos. Each year I look for different ones to add to my collection.

An intense orange, perfectly shaped.

Peach with a little yellow highlight in the center, with a beautiful ruffle.

A double delight.

Simple fantastic.

I like the dark color in the center leading out to the bright yellow.

Nice soft lemon color.

So elegant, the contrasting colors on this is gorgeous.

This is one of my favorites.

This is another one of my favorites.

The little ruffle on the edge of this one is darling.

I love the dark color of this one, very intense.

Yes I have included some of those day lilies you find along the road in my flower garden. As common as they are, they are still beautiful to me.

Although you can't tell from the photo, the blossoms on this plant are hugh.

Another nice color combo with a ruffle.

My cone flowers are just beginning to open up. A couple years ago I added them to my garden and last year they put on a little show. This year is looking much better, I even have some babies from last years seeds coming along.

These last picture maybe straw flowers or a strain of black eyed susans, not sure. But they sure are pretty. I also have some pinks coming along and another plant I'm not sure of the color yet. I am hoping in a year or so to have many more of these beautiful flowers. I am also hoping in time to be able to have some cut flowers from them without taking away from the beauty of the garden. One of the hardest things for me is patience, I want my garden to be full and rich now.
This bee balm has always put on a big show for me. My sister gave me some purple bee balm but its not quite open yet. I love to watch the humming moths work this over.

Ah a rose, I have never had good luck with roses before in other flower beds in previous homes. But I thought I would try it here at this house, I'm guessing they like this spot. This is a bush that I planted last year along a fence and it bloomed nicely last year but this year is even better. I am excited to watch it grow and some day cover my fence.

This yucca plant has been moved several times. I had received a slip from my sister when she lived in West Virginia and it grew ok at the other house. I was a little worried about moving it here and the last two years I thought maybe I had planted it in the wrong spot. But as you can see its doing very well this year.

I only have this one delphinium, but I sure do think its beautiful. Maybe in future shopping trips I will look for more varieties.

Before we started the porch I had a nice clump of canna's that I dug up. I didn't get them back in the ground right away so I wasn't sure if it would bloom this year, guess I was underestimating the plant. I planted a row of them along the front of my porch and I have several blooms, I am pleased.

Sweet peas, one of my favorite flowers. (wow, it seems I have many favorites lol) I kept seeing these flowers along side the road in my travels and thought I just had to get some. On my sister's and my shopping trip to Ohio last year I was thrilled when I seen some. I just about jumped out of my skin, so I bought two and they look wonderful along my front fences.

A close up of the sweet pea.

My sister asked me last year if I had seen any hyacinth bean seeds, and I said no I don't even know what they are. Well since she put the seed in my brain :) I started looking. Last year I did find some seeds but didn't get them going. This year when I was down visiting her, I found a plant already started, and look it even has some purple bean pods on it. The flowers remind me a little of the sweet peas.
This is a new plant for me this year. I didn't have any daisies so when I found this butter cream one  I knew I had to add it to my collection.

Well that's what blooming in my garden this week, I would love to see what's blooming in yours. Send me a link. Take care and to God be the glory.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Help Save The Birds

This morning I posted on face book that the black birds were having a convention in my backyard. Tonight the reason for this was revealed to me. You see, as I was driving home from Slippery Rock tonight my windshield met up with a million zillion bugs committing suicide. I realized then that the black birds convention was to address the problem of the million zillion bugs in the air this year. I believe they have seen this earthly catastrophe as a smorgasbord. But the trouble with this conclusive decision on their part to just eat the little buggers will have them meeting their demise. What will happen is these conniving birds will eat until they are so fat they can't fly anymore. Now I know what its like to not be able to fly, if I don't have dreams then I can't fly and it makes me very depressed. (Have you seen the movie "The Birds" I do believe these birds were depressed.) I don't think we want a bunch of depressed birds wandering around, so in order to save these creatures and the ecosystem of the world, you need to drive at least 20 miles each night. In doing so you will help many of these little bugs commit suicide and save the birds from getting to fat to fly. Now if you are thinking with the price of gas that's a little extreme to save some birds, if you want to get all practical on me then I have an answer to that. Take your sweetie along with you and call it a date, there you are doing two tasks at one time. You probably are also saving mankind by dating your sweetie more often (every night that is) and also you would probably lower the divorce rate (well or maybe increase it). I believe the birds had a good solution to the problem but like most birds they don't think things thoroughly through.
Now on another note, its a theory I like to live by....."enjoy the scenery along a detour" well or something like that. This detour I encountered today gives me another story for another time. Maybe tomorrow! Have a  great evening...have you looked up in the sky tonight? Its so clear out there and the stars are so bright.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fairy garden

Kara n I had another day of creating for our fairy garden. We painted the two little houses we had with some nice cheery colors n put them in place in the garden.
We also made a cute little ladder for our fairies to get to the upper level if their little wings were to tired to get them there.
There isn't any sign of our fairies yet but I'm sure they have been keeping track of our progress n will appear at just the right time. Meanwhile we will keep creating. We also need to give our little village a name... Any suggestions?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fairy Garden

The Aeriel view!!
Kara and I have decided to build a "Fairy Garden". We have also come to the conclusion this is not a one day project we will be working all summer, then when summer is over we will need to decorate it for winter.....this is good. Kara and I will be busy together for a long time.
So far this is what we came up with.
The upper level.
In this level you will see our first house (we are going to finish painting it next time we get together). Kara made the cutest little fairy bed. Our fairy even has a cute little pillow, even though you can't see it here.
Fairy Bed
I love the stone path leading to her house and the picket fence. In her yard she has a cute little tricycle and a seat to sit when she needs a break.

By her front door she has a little tiny fairy pot with a little tiny succulent.

She also has a wonderful tree to catch some shade in. When her flowers need watered she has a watering can right beside the door for easy accessibility.
As we travel down to the village you will see we made a village well. Its still waiting for its roof and a bucket to dip the water out with. Its nice to have a bench in case you are tired from the long journey to the village well, you can get a cool drink and rest awhile, that is if the frog will let you.
Village Well

We also have a pond in our village, it doesn't have any water yet. But when it does get some water we are hoping for a lily pad or two for the frogs to enjoy.

There appears to be a couple fairy pots tipped over, maybe the gnomes were over to visit and you know boys they are always full of extra energy.
As you see we have a  nice start to our "Fairy Village", but we also have a long way to go. I sure hope you will stop by and visit often to see what we are doing. The "Fairies" don't feel that the village is ready for their presence yet, but we hope they will be arriving very soon.

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