Friday, May 11, 2012

Bountiful Sunshine

Our day here today was beautiful, after all the rain we have been having it has seemed nice to have a day with perfectly clear skies and bountiful sunshine. Thank you God.

Here are a couple of "finds" that I brought home from the girls day out on tuesday. I want to have my porch have an eclectic, rustic, vintage feel to it, and I feel these rusted pots will start me off right. The one reminds me of a vintage mop bucket of course it has been down sized, and the other is a watering can. My plans are to plant something pretty in each and display it somewhere on the porch.

My brother picked up all his toys and went home today, guess he was done playing at my house. :( Now I will have to play by myself, with some sanding and then a lot of staining/painting. My goal is to be done by Memorial Day weekend. My sister and her family is coming up for a big family picnic and I don't want to be working while she is here.

My daughter in law, Kim has a favorite quote and I am going to steal it from her tonight. So good night all and......


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