Saturday, May 12, 2012

A journey full of blessings!

18 years ago a journey began for me that became the second most beautiful, blessing filled journey of my life. My first grandchild was born, the moment I laid my eyes on him I was in love. Words cannot express the joy I feel whenever I think about that day. Ben and Holly were blessed by God with a beautiful baby boy, and I in turn was deeply taken in by their bundle of joy. The abundant pride and joy that I felt that day has been felt non other than three times before by me when my own children were born. Clay has brought so much joy into my life, the memories are exceedingly happy ones. He has grown into a wonderful young man and I am thrilled to be able to say I am his gma. I could go on forever reciting all the wonderful memories, he has made my life complete. I pray for him a life filled with his greatest desires, happiness, and the love of God shown to him throughout his life. Thank you God, for this greatest honor of being a gma, such a miracle.

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