Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Picnic 2012

...and what a picnic it was. I am so blessed to have a large family, I have one sister and three brothers. I have 10 nieces and nephews and 12 great nieces and nephews. I have three children, three children in law and 7 grandkids. My Mom and Dad are still with us, that is something I am thankful for everyday. Now when all added up with spouses this makes for a big family picnic....this year we had 47 in attendance. A couple years ago my Mom started having a family picnic for Memorial Day and this year was the best turn out yet. Some of our family lives in different states so this is quite the challenge to get us all together.

The food was wonderful, as always when my Mom is cooking. We did help out by bringing in dishes to pass, and no one went away hungry.

The festivities began on Friday when family started arriving. My sister, her daughter in law and grandaughter stayed at my house. Oh and I can't forget her dog Claire, a great dane. It was so nice to get to know her little grandaughter and daughter in law, so sweet they both are.

Each night at my Mom's house was a bon fire, which lasted to the wee hours in the morning. People slept here and there with campers and extra beds and cots.

We did have a storm blow through in the middle of the picnic and we were able to test just how strong that porch was....well it didn't fall in. :) Some of the kids were disappointed because of the storm. I told them you know this is one of those storms that will just pass through and when it is gone if you walk up and down the sides of the road you will be sure to find salamanders. You see, there is a creek by my Mom's  house and that kept the kids very well entertained. They had been looking for salamanders without much luck. So after the rain sure as heck they all went for a  walk and came home with about 6 of those little orange buddies. My Mom keeps plastic jars with lids on hand for just such an occasion and gave each kid a jar of their own. They brought those salamanders in the house and we had "Salamander Races". They found out that the gentler you are with them the better they move. Most of the salamanders were turned back out to their habitat, a couple went home with the kids to be turned loose later.

Thank you God for this family and all the wonderful memories.

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