Thursday, May 10, 2012

My brother, my hero

My brother is my hero....he is also a excellent carpenter. It is always a joy to work with him, sometimes I don't think he can always say the same about working for me. :) I do believe he thinks sometimes I have lost my marbles, but he always humors me and will make what ever I ask him to. In this corner of my porch I wanted a planter, some guys sometimes don't get the whole dirt, flower gardening thing. But he asked me just what I wanted and then proceded to build it, and of course its perfect. I am not sure what I am putting in there but during the preparation of getting ready for him to build I had to dig out my Japanese maple and I am toying with the idea of putting it back in here.

Well this idea really convinced my brother I was nuts....a bench made from an old bed, whoever heard of such a thing. Well I have and I explained it to him and of course showed him a picture of one I picked off Pinterest. (If you haven't joined Pinterest yet, well you need to check it out. I am totally lost with it and have really found some great ideas there.) Then he went to work and this is what he made, I just love it and again its perfect. I am debating on what color to paint lol   As I was helping to design my new porch I told my brother I wanted it to be diferent and he agrees that we have totally acheived that. Instead of your typical post railing, I changed it up with solid wainscoting, and instead of a gate with an upwards arch, I chose a dipped arch. I am very pleased with how this is all coming together, we have just the lights to install hopefully tomorrow, then its up to me to finish. I have much sanding to do then I can stain. More pictures to follow as progress is made.

I am so thankful for my brother, as I am with all my brothers and my sister. God has granted me with a wonderful family who cares and is very supportive of each other. I realize in this world not all families have that gift and so daily I must remember how blessed I am and give God the glory, praise and honor. I come from a family of five kids and I am the second in line with my sister being the oldest then me, then three brothers. We are also very blessed to still have both our parents, and them still being married to each other. Thank you God.

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