Monday, May 7, 2012

We decided that it was time to get that front porch fixed before someone fell on the loose bricks and broke a leg. The first step then was to remove the shrubs so the guys could start digging for the posts. Then I had to decide what I was going to do with these shrubs after I dug them up. I knew I wasn't going to put them back in front of the new porch because I have other plans for that. I have been wanting to join the two large maples in my front yard with a garden island space. I have been putting it off because it is a large project and haven't felt like I was ready to jump in. I kept thinking about these bushes and knew in my heart this is where I wanted them, so bite the bullet so to say and just do it. So I layed my bushes out and looked at it from the front and back to make sure I really liked the layout.

When I was happy with it then I planted them. The next step was to surround them with cardboard and lay out my stones for the border. Then finally the mulch. I didn't end up connecting the two trees yet, that will come as I buy more bushes to fill in the space. Since I have taken these pictures I have added some creeping phlox in front of the rock and some ground cover in the four corners. I am currently looking for just the right chair to put in the left corner, I will put a pot of posies in the seat of that chair.
Its nice to look off my new porch and see this garden, I am excited to extend it to complete the island.

Tomorrow will be a fun day, I haven't been shopping with my friend Robin in quite awhile and its even been a lot longer since I have gone with Carole and Laura. So we are off for the day. Our main stop will be the paper warehouse and then its whatever else anyone wants to do. I am personally hoping for a stop at Pat Catans craft center. It will be exciting to see what treasures we all find, you never know what we will bring home. Until tomorrow evening then I hope you all have a wonderful tuesday. hugs!!

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