Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Help Save The Birds

This morning I posted on face book that the black birds were having a convention in my backyard. Tonight the reason for this was revealed to me. You see, as I was driving home from Slippery Rock tonight my windshield met up with a million zillion bugs committing suicide. I realized then that the black birds convention was to address the problem of the million zillion bugs in the air this year. I believe they have seen this earthly catastrophe as a smorgasbord. But the trouble with this conclusive decision on their part to just eat the little buggers will have them meeting their demise. What will happen is these conniving birds will eat until they are so fat they can't fly anymore. Now I know what its like to not be able to fly, if I don't have dreams then I can't fly and it makes me very depressed. (Have you seen the movie "The Birds" I do believe these birds were depressed.) I don't think we want a bunch of depressed birds wandering around, so in order to save these creatures and the ecosystem of the world, you need to drive at least 20 miles each night. In doing so you will help many of these little bugs commit suicide and save the birds from getting to fat to fly. Now if you are thinking with the price of gas that's a little extreme to save some birds, if you want to get all practical on me then I have an answer to that. Take your sweetie along with you and call it a date, there you are doing two tasks at one time. You probably are also saving mankind by dating your sweetie more often (every night that is) and also you would probably lower the divorce rate (well or maybe increase it). I believe the birds had a good solution to the problem but like most birds they don't think things thoroughly through.
Now on another note, its a theory I like to live by....."enjoy the scenery along a detour" well or something like that. This detour I encountered today gives me another story for another time. Maybe tomorrow! Have a  great evening...have you looked up in the sky tonight? Its so clear out there and the stars are so bright.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fairy garden

Kara n I had another day of creating for our fairy garden. We painted the two little houses we had with some nice cheery colors n put them in place in the garden.
We also made a cute little ladder for our fairies to get to the upper level if their little wings were to tired to get them there.
There isn't any sign of our fairies yet but I'm sure they have been keeping track of our progress n will appear at just the right time. Meanwhile we will keep creating. We also need to give our little village a name... Any suggestions?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fairy Garden

The Aeriel view!!
Kara and I have decided to build a "Fairy Garden". We have also come to the conclusion this is not a one day project we will be working all summer, then when summer is over we will need to decorate it for winter.....this is good. Kara and I will be busy together for a long time.
So far this is what we came up with.
The upper level.
In this level you will see our first house (we are going to finish painting it next time we get together). Kara made the cutest little fairy bed. Our fairy even has a cute little pillow, even though you can't see it here.
Fairy Bed
I love the stone path leading to her house and the picket fence. In her yard she has a cute little tricycle and a seat to sit when she needs a break.

By her front door she has a little tiny fairy pot with a little tiny succulent.

She also has a wonderful tree to catch some shade in. When her flowers need watered she has a watering can right beside the door for easy accessibility.
As we travel down to the village you will see we made a village well. Its still waiting for its roof and a bucket to dip the water out with. Its nice to have a bench in case you are tired from the long journey to the village well, you can get a cool drink and rest awhile, that is if the frog will let you.
Village Well

We also have a pond in our village, it doesn't have any water yet. But when it does get some water we are hoping for a lily pad or two for the frogs to enjoy.

There appears to be a couple fairy pots tipped over, maybe the gnomes were over to visit and you know boys they are always full of extra energy.
As you see we have a  nice start to our "Fairy Village", but we also have a long way to go. I sure hope you will stop by and visit often to see what we are doing. The "Fairies" don't feel that the village is ready for their presence yet, but we hope they will be arriving very soon.

Monday, June 11, 2012

I could feel it coming....

Red Hot Poker
a day of relaxation. A body can only go so long (well at least my body that is) before it finally will crash, and this afternoon was time for me. I went to work this morning and came home with thoughts of working out in the garden. It was humid and hot and I decided it was just time to take a rest. Well I did and it was 3:30 in the afternoon before my eyes decided to open back up. I really don't like to spend a nice summer day that way but I think I have just worn myself out this past month. So after that I went out to do a little weed pulling and plant that allysum, then it starting raining. A nice warm quiet rain so I continued to work. It felt really good at first then the rain started coming a little harder so it was time to quit. Its still raining and boy do we need it, although I do feel bad for anyone who has hay down. Tomorrow is going to be a productive  day, well that is how I see it now. My teenager is coming and we are going to get the lawn back in shape and then level the porch to the shed. The Amish guys came over this afternoon and leveled the shed. Then it will be time to start designing the garden around that area, pinterest will help me with that I am sure.
Here's a funny story.....back before pinterest and all this internet stuff, I would watch HGTV. Well I learned quite a bit from that show and would always come up with some ideas of things to do around the house. Well my husband would say we should get rid of that program cause it is costing him to much money. lol   Now with pinterest....its endless. He should only be so lucky to have me only watching HGTV now. I love all the ideas on pinterest and I have used several. ITs eye candy forever on there. Shhh...we won't tell him, no need to worry his  little head over this.
Have a great evening.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

What a week this was.....

My first grandson graduated from high school this past Friday. I am so proud of him, its wonderful to see how much he has grown and what a spectacular young man he is. He has been a perfect joy to me since the day he was born. I have so many grand memories of him as a little child, they are priceless. Today his Mom and Dad had a very very nice party for him, its was so nice to see all the tons of people who came to give their congratulations and support. I pray that God will grant him peace, contentment, success in which ever direction he chooses to go, and be with him all his journeys. I pray that Clay will feel God's presence always and lean to God for all the decisions in his life.

Saturday morning I was fortunate to attend a Master Gardener plant sale. What a fun surprise that was for me. As you can see I found several plants,  now to get them in their permanent home. I was asked at the sale if I would like to sign up for the Master Gardener program and said I would think about it. After talking to my daughter in laws mother ( who was the one who gave me the head's up on the sale, thank you Terri) I am really considering this option. If any of you have participated in this program I would love to hear your input, pros and cons for doing this.

Saturday afternoon I was headed down to watch my son's girls while he and his wife went out for the evening with friends, I had a pleasant surprise on the way there. Let me back up for a moment and say I LOVE GARAGE SALES!!! There is a detour on the way and as I started down this road of about 16 miles I see some sporadic garage sales then they slowly became more numerous, after I hit this town  it was a whole town sale. The best kind! Well I was sad thinking why didn't I leave home earlier so I had some time to stop and play. So I drove through the town and thought to myself " Self, they don't have to leave for their night out till 4:00 and that gives you approx 15 minutes you can play with" soooo yes you guessed it I turned around and went back. Limiting myself to just two sales, and it was lucky for me I picked out two that had something I was interested in. I found this wagon wheel for $8.00, I was just about jumping up and down I was so excited. Then at the next place I found an old 8 pane window to hang on my new porch, :). Well I was very thankful for that opportunity to stop at just two of the sales that I could continue on my way to my son's with a big ole smile plastered on my face with thoughts of where I was going to put my wagon wheel and thinking about just what I wanted to do with that window.
Sophia loves to get up and down here. She's so sweet.

Then the pleasure came of having the three girls for the night to myself. They are such a pleasure to watch and this was my first long stretch of having Sophia to myself to. I had a perfectly wonderful time. I do say though that with the amount of spaghetti Gina can put away she will look like spaghetti and the same for Julia with watermelon. Thank God I didn't have to open any cans for them, I DON'T get along at all with their can opener. Someday I am going to buy one to leave at their house that will be mine to use while I am there. Its a little embarrassing to have one of the girls have to take a can to the neighbors to open because Grandma can't use their can opener. lol
Well this week is going to be a week for me to catch on some odds and ends. Hopefully finish planting the annuals I have bought and a couple of shrubs I have waiting to go into their new home. I also want to get a fairy garden done, and work on some more weeding.
take care till next time.....
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