Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fairy Garden

The Aeriel view!!
Kara and I have decided to build a "Fairy Garden". We have also come to the conclusion this is not a one day project we will be working all summer, then when summer is over we will need to decorate it for winter.....this is good. Kara and I will be busy together for a long time.
So far this is what we came up with.
The upper level.
In this level you will see our first house (we are going to finish painting it next time we get together). Kara made the cutest little fairy bed. Our fairy even has a cute little pillow, even though you can't see it here.
Fairy Bed
I love the stone path leading to her house and the picket fence. In her yard she has a cute little tricycle and a seat to sit when she needs a break.

By her front door she has a little tiny fairy pot with a little tiny succulent.

She also has a wonderful tree to catch some shade in. When her flowers need watered she has a watering can right beside the door for easy accessibility.
As we travel down to the village you will see we made a village well. Its still waiting for its roof and a bucket to dip the water out with. Its nice to have a bench in case you are tired from the long journey to the village well, you can get a cool drink and rest awhile, that is if the frog will let you.
Village Well

We also have a pond in our village, it doesn't have any water yet. But when it does get some water we are hoping for a lily pad or two for the frogs to enjoy.

There appears to be a couple fairy pots tipped over, maybe the gnomes were over to visit and you know boys they are always full of extra energy.
As you see we have a  nice start to our "Fairy Village", but we also have a long way to go. I sure hope you will stop by and visit often to see what we are doing. The "Fairies" don't feel that the village is ready for their presence yet, but we hope they will be arriving very soon.

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