Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Help Save The Birds

This morning I posted on face book that the black birds were having a convention in my backyard. Tonight the reason for this was revealed to me. You see, as I was driving home from Slippery Rock tonight my windshield met up with a million zillion bugs committing suicide. I realized then that the black birds convention was to address the problem of the million zillion bugs in the air this year. I believe they have seen this earthly catastrophe as a smorgasbord. But the trouble with this conclusive decision on their part to just eat the little buggers will have them meeting their demise. What will happen is these conniving birds will eat until they are so fat they can't fly anymore. Now I know what its like to not be able to fly, if I don't have dreams then I can't fly and it makes me very depressed. (Have you seen the movie "The Birds" I do believe these birds were depressed.) I don't think we want a bunch of depressed birds wandering around, so in order to save these creatures and the ecosystem of the world, you need to drive at least 20 miles each night. In doing so you will help many of these little bugs commit suicide and save the birds from getting to fat to fly. Now if you are thinking with the price of gas that's a little extreme to save some birds, if you want to get all practical on me then I have an answer to that. Take your sweetie along with you and call it a date, there you are doing two tasks at one time. You probably are also saving mankind by dating your sweetie more often (every night that is) and also you would probably lower the divorce rate (well or maybe increase it). I believe the birds had a good solution to the problem but like most birds they don't think things thoroughly through.
Now on another note, its a theory I like to live by....."enjoy the scenery along a detour" well or something like that. This detour I encountered today gives me another story for another time. Maybe tomorrow! Have a  great evening...have you looked up in the sky tonight? Its so clear out there and the stars are so bright.

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