Monday, June 11, 2012

I could feel it coming....

Red Hot Poker
a day of relaxation. A body can only go so long (well at least my body that is) before it finally will crash, and this afternoon was time for me. I went to work this morning and came home with thoughts of working out in the garden. It was humid and hot and I decided it was just time to take a rest. Well I did and it was 3:30 in the afternoon before my eyes decided to open back up. I really don't like to spend a nice summer day that way but I think I have just worn myself out this past month. So after that I went out to do a little weed pulling and plant that allysum, then it starting raining. A nice warm quiet rain so I continued to work. It felt really good at first then the rain started coming a little harder so it was time to quit. Its still raining and boy do we need it, although I do feel bad for anyone who has hay down. Tomorrow is going to be a productive  day, well that is how I see it now. My teenager is coming and we are going to get the lawn back in shape and then level the porch to the shed. The Amish guys came over this afternoon and leveled the shed. Then it will be time to start designing the garden around that area, pinterest will help me with that I am sure.
Here's a funny story.....back before pinterest and all this internet stuff, I would watch HGTV. Well I learned quite a bit from that show and would always come up with some ideas of things to do around the house. Well my husband would say we should get rid of that program cause it is costing him to much money. lol   Now with pinterest....its endless. He should only be so lucky to have me only watching HGTV now. I love all the ideas on pinterest and I have used several. ITs eye candy forever on there. Shhh...we won't tell him, no need to worry his  little head over this.
Have a great evening.

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