Sunday, June 10, 2012

What a week this was.....

My first grandson graduated from high school this past Friday. I am so proud of him, its wonderful to see how much he has grown and what a spectacular young man he is. He has been a perfect joy to me since the day he was born. I have so many grand memories of him as a little child, they are priceless. Today his Mom and Dad had a very very nice party for him, its was so nice to see all the tons of people who came to give their congratulations and support. I pray that God will grant him peace, contentment, success in which ever direction he chooses to go, and be with him all his journeys. I pray that Clay will feel God's presence always and lean to God for all the decisions in his life.

Saturday morning I was fortunate to attend a Master Gardener plant sale. What a fun surprise that was for me. As you can see I found several plants,  now to get them in their permanent home. I was asked at the sale if I would like to sign up for the Master Gardener program and said I would think about it. After talking to my daughter in laws mother ( who was the one who gave me the head's up on the sale, thank you Terri) I am really considering this option. If any of you have participated in this program I would love to hear your input, pros and cons for doing this.

Saturday afternoon I was headed down to watch my son's girls while he and his wife went out for the evening with friends, I had a pleasant surprise on the way there. Let me back up for a moment and say I LOVE GARAGE SALES!!! There is a detour on the way and as I started down this road of about 16 miles I see some sporadic garage sales then they slowly became more numerous, after I hit this town  it was a whole town sale. The best kind! Well I was sad thinking why didn't I leave home earlier so I had some time to stop and play. So I drove through the town and thought to myself " Self, they don't have to leave for their night out till 4:00 and that gives you approx 15 minutes you can play with" soooo yes you guessed it I turned around and went back. Limiting myself to just two sales, and it was lucky for me I picked out two that had something I was interested in. I found this wagon wheel for $8.00, I was just about jumping up and down I was so excited. Then at the next place I found an old 8 pane window to hang on my new porch, :). Well I was very thankful for that opportunity to stop at just two of the sales that I could continue on my way to my son's with a big ole smile plastered on my face with thoughts of where I was going to put my wagon wheel and thinking about just what I wanted to do with that window.
Sophia loves to get up and down here. She's so sweet.

Then the pleasure came of having the three girls for the night to myself. They are such a pleasure to watch and this was my first long stretch of having Sophia to myself to. I had a perfectly wonderful time. I do say though that with the amount of spaghetti Gina can put away she will look like spaghetti and the same for Julia with watermelon. Thank God I didn't have to open any cans for them, I DON'T get along at all with their can opener. Someday I am going to buy one to leave at their house that will be mine to use while I am there. Its a little embarrassing to have one of the girls have to take a can to the neighbors to open because Grandma can't use their can opener. lol
Well this week is going to be a week for me to catch on some odds and ends. Hopefully finish planting the annuals I have bought and a couple of shrubs I have waiting to go into their new home. I also want to get a fairy garden done, and work on some more weeding.
take care till next time.....

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