Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Going on Vacation....stop in and see what's up

Rob n Kim have asked me to go along on vacation with them to help out with Sophia. Sounds like a good time they are going to Lake Lure, NC. One day they r planning on going to Biltmoore Gardens, this is a dream come true for me. Well just take a peek at the trip Kim has all planned out. Rob made the accommodations and Kim did the rest.

So this is where we r staying. Looks ok I guess. Nice friendly family atmosphere.Rob said to bring my air mattress, I told Kim I didn't have a sleeping bag and she said that's ok, they will rent me one. Well that sounds like a buggy time to me so I said I would bring my repellent.
Kim says Rob rented us a van, so we would have lots of room I guess. Here's our new ride for the week.

Kim also says there is a pool and she bought us both new bathing suits. Which one is your favorite? She is also hoping the pool is fixed on time for us. I told her that quite alright I don't go swimming anyhow.

This one is Kim's
This one is mine...you know if I could look that good in a bathing suit, I would actually wear this.

Kim also rented us a two hour tour on the lake and here is a picture of our boat.

Kim didn't leave anything out, she even thought of snacks for the trip.
I told her after this hits the Internet she will be so busy planning every one's vacation she won't have time to go this weekend.
Well I'm so sorry you won't all be joining us for our wonderful vacation, maybe next year Kim will plan one for you. Just give her a call she is looking for a job. I did tell Kim that maybe on second thought I really need to stay home and work.

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