Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter 2013

Just sitting here feeling like the Easter Season is all but over.....last thing to do is dinner with family...I am not belittling this event its actually one of the many highlights...but I do feel the way I feel. We had the Easter Egg Hunt with the kids at church Saturday before Palm Sunday. Then we had the Cantata on Palm Sunday, it was fantastic by the way. Our church is so blessed with musical talents, its astronomical. This week we had our traditional Seder Meal on Maundy Thursday and then today Jill and I went to the Sugar Grove UM Church for the "Stations of the Cross".  Tomorrow we are going to Rob's for Sophia's 5th birthday party....Go Sophia. Then on Sunday we will have Easter dinner at Mom's.  That wraps it up, pretty busy Easter schedule I guess. This year with all the snow we have had it kinda took away the fun of having an egg hunt. So I guess I am passing on that activity this year, the yard is so wet it would be a terrible mess for the kids.
I am so anxious to be outside and start the gardening for 2013, but I must be patient we still have some snow out there. I am hoping to get some wonderful ideas for my gardens while Barb, Kayleigh, Kara and I go to Biltmore in NC. This place is so inspiring...I will have to take lots of notes and pictures to.
till next time...

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